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A Web site designed for the small screens of smartphones. Queries to a Web site include the type of browser being used, and when a request from a mobile browser is made, the site redirects it to its mobile counterpart (if there is one) for a more convenient surfing experience.

Mobile Website

Did you know that for every computer there are 4 mobile phones? A company cannot afford to leave aside any area from where it can potentially interact with its mass customers, both existing and potential ones. Even as the internet gets more and more of the world wide population entangled in its web, one may not ignore the humble looking ‘pocket dynamite’ which is a mobile phone. Not just the cellular but also a lineup of other mobile multimedia devices is seeing phenomenal sales globally. Internet is readily accessible from these devices. Statistics point at millions (and counting) of people accessing the web from their mobile phones.

This is exactly where as a leading mobile website designing & development, india based company we come to your assistance. We make sure that you do make your presence felt on the progressively more accepted mobile platform as well. It is very important to have a user friendly mobile website which readily loads on mobile phones and other mobile devices. Designing, styling and constructing a mobile website takes a lot of efforts. It is very important that mobile phone users are able to easily browse through a website. For example, it takes time to browse through a mobile website generally so one would do good to highlight and place the most important information right at that top.

With the advent of next generation smart phones like the Apple Iphone and digital tablets like the Apple Ipad one would keep a sharper eye on these gadgets while creating a mobile phone website. This is even as we can feel the popularity of Iphone websites or an ipad website. Care should thus be taken as to how the mobile website will look on these devices.

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