Allwin Computers provides Full product and services related to computers

About Allwin Computers.

ALLWIN COMPUTERS is an IT solution Provider Company;dealing in a range of IT products, maintenance solutions and Expert services. Starting from PCs, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Multi-function Machines/Photo Copiers, Video projection system, Software, Storage and networking products; we develop customized IT Solution for all sorts of customer needs.

We have proven ourselves by providing satisfactory services to our esteemed customers through the best of the ideas & management practices. With over a decade of experience in the name of PC COMPUTERS, we continue with a new name (Allwin Computers)to setup a network of like-minded people who are ready to create success for them as well as for their customers.

We, at ALLWIN COMPUTERS, undertake maintenance of your Servers, PCs, and peripherals and all other IT related hardware on an Annual Maintenance Contract basis with or without parts. E-mail, Virus and application support can be included in the contract. We also undertake repairs and up gradation on all Brands of Laptop PCs. We have a great deal of experience in the design and implementation of LAN and WAN (Local and Wide Area Networks) for voice and data communication. In addition to this, we also provide web hosting & designing.

We are suppliers of “Branded Software, Desktops, Servers, Peripherals, Note Books, photocopiers and various other products” to Government Departments. We can supply on DGSND rate contract. We are Business Partner for HP-COMPAQ, IBM, LENOVO, DELL, ACER, SAMSUNG, INTEL, SEAGATE, EPSON, XEROX, MICROSOFT, ESCAN, CANON, DLINK, SONY, LG, LOGITECH, LINKSYS and few others. ALLWIN COMPUTERSnot only believes in sales but after sales service support as well, which keeps our customer to utmost satisfaction.

We have the best trained engineers to take care of servicing and repairs. Our sole aim is to provide exquisite and unheard features & concept of computer technology.Consider us a one-stop shop for I.T. security solutions with professional, excellent support for added peace of mind.

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